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04 Aug 2020
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Find the Latest Job Vacancies in the UAE - Top Tips for an Easier Job Search!

UAE is one of the most coveted destinations to search for well-paid and challenging jobs for ex-pats and citizens alike. The city has witnessed tremendous growth in various industries in the past few decades. This has given rise to numerous opportunities for job seekers across the globe. More and more people are searching for the latest job vacancies in UAE on different search engines and apps.

Though there is no shortage of jobs in the UAE, it is essential to take into account the best practices for job seekers. Positions are available across different domains including engineering, healthcare, petroleum and gas, SME and SEO marketing, insurance, architecture and more.

Things to consider for a job in the UAE

While searching for jobs in the UAE and the Middle East, the best part is you have access to plenty of diverse job opportunities. Despite this, you have to keep in mind specific tips while searching for relevant jobs in the UAE. Landing your dream role will require time and effort. It is best to seek help from a professional agency and have the best resources, like apps and job search websites, to look, find and apply to the most favorable positions.
Online job portals and recruitment agencies offer a pool of vacancies for diverse academic qualifications and skills. Experts recommend a range of tips and tricks for finding the most relevant and latest job vacancies in the UAE that suit your experience, skills and qualifications.


First things first

Before you start scouring through the job vacancies, it is important to understand the job market in the UAE. It is essential to do some groundwork before you start looking for the best roles in your relevant industry. Learn about living standards, demographics, labor laws and the corporate culture of the Emirates. Look for reliable reviews and understand the average salaries, basic living expenses and financial requirements. This will help you to negotiate reasonable remunerations.

Remember, the UAE is a multilingual job market. Apart from its own citizens, the country is also home to ex-pats from various countries, like the other Arab nations, South Asia, Europe and the US. It is a bustling country with Arabic and English being the most commonly spoken and written languages, making the job market more diverse.


Keep a close eye on employment policies and Visas

As an extra applying for a job in the UAE, stay up-to-date with the latest Visa and employment policies in the country. It’s no secret that a change in the labor laws and employment policies has a significant impact on the job market. These laws also affect the demand for workforce, remuneration packages and other employment-related parameters.

Important job markets in the UAE

In the UAE, there are plus factors that you will not find elsewhere. For example, recession being a global factor thawed down job markets internationally. However, the UAE job sector, especially in Dubai, is largely unaffected by this. The economy of the UAE looks pretty good to the world. Dubai Expos 2020 will again pave the way for more human capital in Dubai. Various industries that are looking for booming job opportunities for job seekers include finance, procurement, marketing, construction, IT, hospitality, tourism, telecommunications, operations, sales, engineering, business development and logistics.

Apply for jobs online and download relevant job apps

After you have done the preliminary work of learning about the job market in the UAE, the next thing is creating and polishing your resume or CV. Get professional help to have an updated and well-designed resume that will make you stand out from the rest.

Sign up to important job websites in the UAE and create your profile, upload your resume, find jobs and start applying. It is better to download some of the best job apps offering the latest job vacancies in the UAE. Find the popular job apps that provide the best job openings in the UAE, the latest job offers in Dubai, and more so that you do not miss any significant opportunity.

With the app on your smartphone, after you register, you will get notifications of jobs that match your specific skills and experience. Make sure you create an updated profile complete in all respects on the app. This ensures that employers can find you. With the right profile photograph, a well-updated resume and profile, you have already accomplished a great part of landing your dream job. Apply to the best and latest job vacancies in the UAE and get a call from the best employers in your industry.

Applying online and using the latest resources, like job websites or job apps, you will find the best job opportunity in no time. Jobaroot is one such job search platform, available on App Store for free and also a job search website, which can help you make your dream of landing the best job in the UAE. Connect with their experts to learn more.

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