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02 Sep 2020
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Looking For Jobs In UAE Companies Online? - Here’s What Must Know

If you have made up your mind to work in the United Arab Emirates, you will find large prospects to thrive in the job market of the country. Additionally, the thriving expat community in the country will mean that you feel at home. The country’s sub-tropical climate and the tax-free salaries are some of the value-added features. You must take a look at the different working options to find the jobs in UAE companies, online for you.

UAE is comprised of seven Emirates, namely Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. The relentless growth of the UAE makes working in the UAE an attractive prospect.

UAE is rich in cultural heritage; it is the place where modernity meets tradition. English is the min language use in business, and 85 % of the population in the country speaks the language; thus, expats do not face much of a problem thriving in the country.

UAE- A rich job market and unique culture

Opportunities are galore in the UAE; however, the best ones are concentrated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. UAE has a world-class standard of living, and the cost of living is also quite expensive.

Living in the Gulf means that you will be exploring the Islamic culture. It is important to note that you have to respect the local laws and customs to avoid getting into trouble. Breaking the laws means you will be facing various problems. Consumption of drugs and illicit liquor is a completely illicit activity. Also, relationships out of a marriage and same homosexuality are considered illegal.

What to expect?

You can take-offs on the summer and excessively hot days and on the warm days in winter. You can use this time to its idyllic locations in sandy beaches and the locations of the landmarks like Burj Khalifa and in Dubai mall.

The different kinds of industries where you can find the jobs in UAE companies online include aluminum extraction, construction, fishing, handicrafts and textiles, petroleum and petrochemicals, boat building and ship repair.

The most coveted industries in UAE include information technology, finance, logistics, construction, tourism or hospitality, logistics, finance or accounting, and more.

Skills shortages

UAE has several growth industries, including the energy sector involving the requiring STEM specialist or people having knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Additionally, with the introduction of VAT, there is a great need for accountants and tax specialists. Banking graduates will be able to find several opportunities in the property and the finance industries.

Getting a job in UAE

Most of the ex-pats find their jobs in the UAE through international recruitment agencies in their countries. It is best to find jobs in UAE companies online and secure your opening before you make a move.

One of the best ways to find the best opening in UAE is to log in to a reputable website where you can find the best online jobs in UAE companies. It is best to download the right app, sign up, and upload your resume and start finding and applying to the most coveted vacancy so that you land your dream job role.

In the UAE, it is the most useful to find various positions that are advertised and displayed by the recruitment agencies. Several times, adverts may be seeking candidates of specific gender, nationality, or age.

Networking is one of the best things that can give you great results, but it may be hard to practice from afar. But, once you are in a job, you should start focusing on building your network as this will allow you to get promoted.

Things to keep in mind

While creating your profile online on a good website, make sure you attach your passport size and a CV.

Once you have filled all the information in your profile correctly, you will start receiving calls from a prospective employer. A medical examination is one of the important requirements before they offer you
jobs in UAE companies online.

In the Gulf, not only can you get permanent jobs, but also short term contract based jobs or summer jobs in the oil and gas, construction, retail, and tourism industries.

Volunteering opportunities are slightly rare in the UAE. Typically, due to the shortage of the participants, those who are interested in getting involved in voluntary work may get invaluable experience. Many of the ex-pats are interested in finding some of the high profile jobs in teaching, Dubai is the best destination. Apart from this, you also need to have information about the right documents like the UAE visas, medical fitness certificates, and other documents.

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UAE companies online.

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