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J000167 | 4 years ago

Sana Tours


Cairo, Egypt

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Full time




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Would you like to work in a fast-growing industry that offers you the chance to interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis? The emphasis made in reducing our collective environmental impact in recent years has seen a greater number of people turn to public transportation. To help fill this growing need, we are seeking people with good driving skills to serve the residents of our local area as bus drivers. Such work will allow you the opportunity to really get to know the different cultural areas of your local and surrounding cities as well as the various personalities of their residents. You’ll be looked to as a provider of a much-needed service and as an ambassador for our area to visitors.

Job Responsibilities

  • Transport passengers along designated routes between points of interest in our local cities as well as various service, hospitality and transportation centers, respecting both the predetermined route schedule and your riders’ individual timetables.
  • Collect public transit funds from incoming passengers and issue receipts upon request.
  • Ensure that required passengers utilize safety restraints and that all people observe the no-smoking policy in your vehicle.
  • Perform pre- and post-shift checks of your individual vehicle, paying close attention to all safety aspects including tire pressure, windshield visibility and fluid levels, and ensure that your vehicle remains fully fueled.
  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly upon the completion of every shift, including mopping up spills, sweeping the floors and emptying on-board trash receptacles prior to leaving it at the transportation hub.
  • Complete daily shift reports, including information regarding passenger counts, miles driven and any incidents that may have happened during your route.
  • Report any observed mechanical issues with your vehicle promptly to the appropriate parties.
  • Study route maps as well as local information to become a resource for passenger information.

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Valid driver’s license and current CDL license
  • Must be 21 years of age with no previous criminal record
  • Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays


  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to lift in excess of 50 lbs.
  • Strong knowledge of area landmarks and attractions
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Cairo, Egypt

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In Person,

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